CompactFlashCards instead of Floppydisks: Floppy Emulator SFE100

The exchange of a conventional 3,5 inch Floppy Drive with a CF-card Floppy Emulator.

Your advantages:

  • ++ flexibility
  • ++ data management (720KB or 1.44MB)
  • ++ longer lifespan
  • ++ capacity (= 99 disks within one FlashCard)

Replaces any floppy drive with 34pin interface – industrial quality – 10 years support

For data storage floppy disks are of yesterday. Because of the magnetic way of data storage and the mechanical stress of the reading heads the relyability of a floppy disk is getting worse and worse from day to day. And some day they simply stop working.
This is the day you lost your data! If your system isn’t able to copy those data from your floppy disks to somewhere more save you have to keep enough backup copies of your floppy disks.

Alas, even your perfect floppy drive itself will fail someday. And the original floppy drives are sometimes not easy to get as a replacement. Standard PC drives are no problem, but there are a lot of obsolete drives that are not manufactured anymore.

Here is the solution:

No matter if DD or HD floppies, 3 ½" or 5 ¼":  Before your precious data become unreadable, you must copy them to the up-to-date CompactFlashCards. The copy process is done by a little software tool (Windows OS). You can store the contents of up to 99 floppy disks onto one single flashcard. Now the SFE100 drive over takes all the functions of your old drive. Instead of a slow and faulty old floppy drive, a safe and fast flash memory will be used. Your old drive can be thrown into the waste basket.

Mechanically, the SFE100 fits into a standard 3 ½ inch floppy drive bay or by using an optional frame. It also fits into a 5 ¼ inch bay.

How to copy the old floppy disks?  

  1. Convert the data onto your original floppy disks by using the "Compact Flash Tools" or a similar program into image files.

  2. With a flash card reader (usually already present in a nowadays PC) copy the image files onto the CompactFlashCard. This is also supported by the "Compact Flash Tools".
  3. Exchange the old floppy drive and the SFE100 in your target machine
  4. By using the 2 buttons on the frontside oft he SFE100, select one of the 99 floppy disk images. Now your system sees the content of your original floppy disk again.

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